The Aspen Institute Healthy Sport Index currently ranks baseball/softball among the top 10 high school sports in terms of physical activity and psychosocial benefits.

We are leveling the playing field by giving our student-athletes access to competitive, travel team baseball and softball. In addition to the physical benefits, research indicates that many sports like baseball and softball also provide critical life skills development. We help student-athletes elevate their play by providing:

  • Strategically selected showcase tournaments
  • Premium uniforms and gear from our partners adidas® and Wilson
  • Expert coaching analysis from respected former MLB players backed by our DI Advisory Board coaches
  • Our proprietary player development platform, The Next Level™

Our diverse student-athletes are encouraged and supported throughout their journey as they develop into high performing athletes and citizens.

We help our youth achieve their goals by combining the passion and dedication of our Nighthawks travel team coaches with insights from our expert coach consultants and our Advisory Board. These three groups work together through the Curve by™ app, our college player development technology that makes high-performance coaching affordable and accessible for all of our student-athletes.


The New York Youth Baseball Foundation is committed to bringing humanity and fair-play back to youth sports.