We fund the training, coaching, and development of talented student-athletes in both baseball and softball.

Youth sports convey a picture of the American Dream – in theory. In reality, youth sports have become a powerful industry and only those from families who can afford the pay-to-play model are able to access the tremendous, lifelong benefits that playing sports provides.

Only 19% of six to twelve-year-olds from low-income households play a team sport. This is a stark contrast to the 41% of children who play a team sport and live in households that earn over $100,000/year.*
Nighthawks softball group cheer

The New York Youth Baseball Foundation (NYYBF) was established in 2015 to address the issues of access and diversity in youth sports by funding the training, coaching, and development of talented student-athletes. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization run by a small team of dedicated professionals who are committed to elevating student-athletes to the next level.

“The idea that inactivity is related directly to household income should be a wake-up call to every one of us. That is morally unacceptable, and it’s socially undesirable for the country.”**
— Tom Cove, CEO | Sports & Fitness Industry Association

Remove Barriers. Grow Through Diversity.

We help student-athletes develop and advance through technology and empower our youth with the skills and mindset to create a winning future for themselves.

The NYYBF and the Nighthawks

Our baseball and softball teams play under the banner of the New York Nighthawks. The foundation supports both development and showcase-level teams comprised of student-athletes from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

* State of Play 2018: Trends and Developments, The Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program, based on data gathered by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, p. 11.
** Sean Gregory, “How Kids’ Sports Became a $15 Billion Industry”, TIME, August 24, 2017.

Team & player images: Bradley E. Clift  |  Photo of Tim Fitzpatrick: Laurie Varga